The Shamrock Group, Inc.  was founded by the late Don Burnham, a recovering alcoholic and advocate of progressive treatment.  The Shamrock Group, Inc. has been serving the Puget Sound area since 1984.   Mr. Burnham, believing that individuals are to be treated with kindness, dignity and respect, created an agency that provides a non-judgmental and non-threatening approach to treatment for those seeking help with their addiction.


At The Shamrock Group, Inc, we take pride in upholding the person centered philosophy by removing as many obstacles as possible that stand between our clients and success.  We take the time to understand client needs and design our programs accordingly.  Further, we work diligently to ensure that clients can stay focused on their recovery and are not distracted by legal issues by proactively communicating with attorneys, probation officers and other court representatives.  


The Shamrock Group, Inc. philosophy to counseling is a Person-Centered approach.  This approach holds that people need to take responsibility for their own actions, problems and lives.  The focal point of this approach is to see people as positive, that they have the ability within themselves to become fully functioning.  Through the therapeutic process, a person will learn to trust himself/herself and others as well as grow in becoming a more confident person.  Each person is shown that they have the ability to see their own problems and learn to solve them.  The role of the counselors at this agency is to show faith that each client is capable to control their direction in life.  In Person-Centered counseling, it is believed that an individual’s difficulties lie in the disagreement between what they want to be and what their own reality is.  In group and individual sessions the focus is on the present moment as well as experiencing and learning to express one's feelings in a healthy way.