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Program and Cost

The Shamrock Group, Inc. accepts evaluations from other treatment agencies

Treatment layouts can be adjusted per need of each client

Two Year Substance Dependency Program  Cost:$4800.00                                                                                              Program follows the guidlines of the Deferred Prosecution Program              

One Year Substance Dependency Program                                                           Cost: $3960.00

Six Month Substance Dependency Program                                                  Cost: $3360.00           

Six Month Relapse Prevention Program                                                          Cost: $1440.00

Six Month Substance Abuse Program                                                            Cost: $1440.00                                                  

Twelve Week Substance Abuse Program                                                        Cost: $480.00-$960.00       

Early Intervention Programs                                                                           Cost: $200.00-$800.00

Prices are subject to change.  Please call The Shamrock Group, Inc. for current list at 206-789-4784